Osman Akdag obtained his Master of Science degree in Medical Engineering at the University of Technology Eindhoven (2019). During his Master he completed a 4-month internship at the KCL Cardiac MRI group on Diffusion-weighted cardiac MRI. After this internship, he worked on abdominal 4D MRI at the radiotherapy department and computational imaging group at the UMC Utrecht under supervision of Rob Tijssen and Tom Bruijnen for his Master’s thesis. Currently, Osman is a PhD student under supervision of Martin Fast working on MR-guided Stereotactic arrhythmia radioablation (STAR). Here, Osman is developing real-time MRI sequences for cardiorespriatory motion management for adaptive radiotherapy and functional MR sequences for tissue characterization on the Elekta Unity MR-linac.


Three most recent publications
*Mandija S., Akdag O., Van Lier A., Borman PTS., Schakel T., Alberts E., Van Der Heide O., Hassink R., Alings M., J. Verhoeff, Mohamed Hoesein F., Fast MF. Cardiac-Synchronized T1 mapping on the Unity MR-linac to guide STereotactic Arrhythmia Radioablation. ESTRO 2021 [(abstract)] Akdag O.**, Borman PTS, Uijtewaal P., Woodhead P., Kok JGM., Van Asselen B., Raaymakers BW., Fast MF.. Real-time cardiorespiratory motion management for MRI-guided stereotactic arrythmia radioablation. ESTRO 2021 [(abstract)] **Akdag O., Mandija S., Borman PTS., Alberts E., Fast. MF. Feasibility of free breathing real-time cine-MRI for MR-guided Cardiac Radioablation on the Unity MR-linac. ISMRM 2021 [(abstract)]

Keywords: MR-guided radiotherapy | Motion estimation | MR image acquisition | Real-time adaptation | Cardiac radioablation | Cardiovascular MRI |

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